Skaggs Creative

We’re a creative agency. An award-winning creative and branding agency. We’ve made big brands bigger. And smaller brands matter. Along the way we’ve created new ones. And reinvented sleepy ones.

We’ve rejuvenated established fragrances. We’ve given facelifts to lines of skincare. Sophisticated boutique hotels have climbed into our bed. We’ve helped wide array of clients develop their individual voices, from Microsoft to Estée Lauder, from diptyque to HBO.

We’ve worked with companies in the U.S. In Europe. In Asia. Reformulating brands so that they resonate, reverberate and inspire. Rethinking products and services so they feel new again.

No two brands are the same, and so, in the words of Karl Marx, we treat each brand according to its needs. There’s no one formula, but there is an equation. And like any equation worth its salt, the correct answer comes when all the right variables are in place. Sometimes you need surprise. Sometimes you need drama. Emotional connection—without a doubt. Ease of engagement, absolutely. Arresting design? Well. Of course.

The Frei Group is a production company creating award winning content across 5 continents. We travel like a circus around the globe in search of great untold stories from underserved markets and overserved bars. We know all about the words,  “innovation, transmedia, unique, viral, and digital influencer”. We know their meaning and their corresponding execution and could write pages of generic copy using those words to describe our company, but in the end our work says so much more about us than any blurb ever could.  Check out some of our work for major broadcast networks around the world like Nat Geo and Pro Sieben as well as clients like Mercedes, Citibank, Vogue, Nescafe and so many more.